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I earn more than $300USD daily on the Internet during my spare time at home, it is extremely simple. Allow me to Tell you home in my True story.

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Before You Read On

Below is a screen capture of my POSB iBanking account.
Pretty impressive for a jobless aunty like me don't you think?

Bank Account Screenshot


Exactly How I did it

Dear Friend,

Spare me a few minutes to read my story below, you have my word that it is the honest Truth and your worries about money could be a thing of the past.

My name is Irene Lim. I am from Singapore. Just a housewife married with 2 kids. And just like you, I chanced upon a site just like this, claiming to enable me to earn thousands and thousands a month.

It is called the Internet Rags to Riches book.

To tell you the truth, I said to myself "This can't be real..."

But being desperate for a stable income to help my husband support our family and provide for our kids, I read on and the more I read the more I am convinced by the author.

As a housewife, I did not work and had very little knowledge about the Internet. All I knew was how to play some games on facebook, shopping online which my daughter showed me and emailed between old friends. I never imagined that making money online was even possible...

But with very much joy and gratefulness, I can honestly say that I did it! I succeeded in making money online, and now I even make money while I am asleep at night. Because the Internet is awake 24 hours a day.

As you know, you only Live once and there are some chances worth taking if you want to be successful. The chance I took was to sign up with the Internet Rags to Riches, it's system lead me to where I am today -- Free of all money worries!

So if a housewife auntie like me can achieve it, so can you.

Do you want to throw away all your "money worries", the thought of not being able to afford nice clothes, proper meals for the children or perhaps not being able to provide your parents and in-laws?

I'm sure you would strongly agree with me on this.

Below is my Clickbank account for the Updated Every 2 Weeks. It is where the money I earn online is reported to me. All the amount is in American (USD) dollars and the Check is mailed to my home every 2 weeks. All I do is to just deposit them into my Singapore POSB savings account.

Be reminded that all I have is an "O" level cert with less then 5 credits. All I did to earn more then $10,000 in 2 weeks is follow the step-by-step instructions of the Internet Rags to Riches system.

See Below For Proof...

NEED PROOF? $15,005.98 in 15 DAYS

Put Down Your Pride for a Moment and Ask Yourself This:
Q: "What Can $15,005.98 do For Your Children, Your Parents,
Your Loved Ones And Ultimately For YOURSELF!"


Are These the problems you face too?

GST Going up, Prices of Everything Hiking, COE is enough to
prevent you from buying a car, Housing Loans are never ending


Already Faced With All The Money Problems But Still Something has To Make it Worse.

Like many others, just a while back my life is always filled with worries about paying the bills, feeding my children, sending them to a good school, money for food and not to mention the house installments.

Now GST is at 7%. We all know that in Singapore, No money no Talk. That is the painful Truth. Scrimping even in the supermarket and painstakingly choosing the cheaper brands was not fun.

My Family Could Not Even Cope With The Housing
Loan, Not To Mention Even Thinking About
Owning A Car.

As you can imagine, we could not even own a car back then. Looking down at the HDB carpark and seeing that so many people can afford a car while we can't is a very painful thought. I am not highly educated enough to find a good paying job.

During those times I could not sleep in peace and I always had tell my children that their daddy is out working the midnight shift driving a taxi (the Singapore Job for retrenched people) to earn money for the family.

The $2000 that my husband earned was not enough to support my parents, in-laws and kids.

To be honest, I cried when I am alone all the time. Feeling like nobody understands. Life is just hard and and painful struggle. So many times, I wanted to just run away and dissappear for good.

Just Buying a Meal At a Shopping Center For The Kids Is Hard On Our Budget Till One Day. . .

I searched the Internet for ways to earn extra cash. During then, I felt so silly... But it was also that very day I chanced upon the "Internet Rags to Riches" book.

The Website promised to teach you how to earn $30,000 a month easily and even offered a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee.

The more I read, the more assured I felt as thea 100% money back Guarantee let me know that it is safe . And I also sensed that the words were Truthful as it felt like the Author was speaking to me directly.

I thought to myself, why not give it a try for that small membership fee.

" A small membership fee compared to losing all hope is nothing, Trust me."

What is a small membership fee compared to the possibility of earning thousands every month that can give us a stable income. And take us out from the mess that we have made byoverspending?

Perhaps equivalent to the cost for a single day out with My husband and Kids?

For now I put trust in my judgement and took a chance.

That evening I signed up for "Internet Rags to Riches" with my POSB debit card. And to be dead honest with you, to my surprise, I made back the Membership Fee within the first night and money has been coming in non-stop into my clickbank account eversince.

Note that I made back the membership fee, in order to achieve a $10,000 monthly income it took me 1 month of following the instructions of the system.

This is not a get rich overnight type of thing. And you have to know that there is no such thing as well. It took dilligence to follow the steps closely.

Cheque after cheque is received by me every 2 weeks without fail ever since.

We Even Bought Our Very Own Car!

And now after exactly over a year (I earned a lot, but I saved a lot too), we even own our own family car and paid off our house!

You should have seen the look on my husband's face, I'll never forget that wide smile like a boy who got a new toy. As for me personally, I gained a lot of confidence as a daughter, spouse and parent.

So I would like you ask you to picture this in your mind today... Put down your pride for a second and Imagine how much you can do for your loved ones. Life is so much better with less money problems.

And although we don't drive a flashy sports car like what you see in many websites, we are No More slaves to our car or house, and that feels great!

In fact, it's absolutely a Dream Come True. The "Internet Rags to Riches" will show you exactly how to make money online.

It not only changed my life. Below are letters & testimonials from REAL PEOPLE just like YOU who've followed the formula and made dramatic changes to their income and lifestyle without slaving in Singapore Jobs anymore!

And do you know that Half of all the money was earned while I was out with my family or sound asleep?

The Choice is really up to You to make. If you can spend up to $30 a day on fast food or $10 a week on toto and 4d, why not spend your money on something which can earn you back so much more?


Make $10,000 in just 2 weeks just like me!

This is Where YOU Can Be Rich Too!

The Choice is yours, either go back to laying all
your hopes on toto, 4D, feeding the
economy, slaving for a boss or

I Decide NOW to Make a change in
Start Earning Online Now!


This is all you need to do

4 simple steps to get started

Step 1   Sign up

Step 2   Email me To notify Me
(reply within 24 hours)

Step 3   I'll show you how I did it Step-by-Step



(Read What members have to say.Click Here to View Other Testimonials, updated )
note: Grammatical and spelling mistakes kept intact for authenticity

Tutor Who Had No Choice

I trust that you expected this success story after I sent you a scan of my check. So here it is right from a guy who decided to put down his pride for a moment as you mentioned. I am an "A" level holder btw. Finished my national service for some time now.. didn't make it to Uni...etc...

was going through the "life sucks" drill, Hope you get what I mean. I could not get a
proper job so I just
tried calling those tuition agencies just to try to find assignments to get me by. But everytime I get an assignment, half of the first's month pay gets eaten up. Damn! They sure know how to make a quick buck with my hard efforts.

Anyway, I was so ***** that I turned on the com and desperately tried to find out how to make some money.. That is where, you guessed it..... I stumbled across your site and just like the others had some doubts but still dicided to give it a wack anyhow and who would have thought?.... Turns out
I started earning from the 5th day... YEAH!!.. I know, a tad slower that the rest but who cares? I didn't stop earning yet right?

eyes... yes yes.... I am a guy... but honestly. You made the world of difference for me. Thanks
(!@#$@ those tution agencies)

P.s. Sorry about being so colourful with my language, I had to let it out. =D

Elvan Sim - Serangoon Ave 4

I'm not a slave to my house and car any more

"Hello Irene. The  Internet Rags to Riches just wonderful! I started out just last week after reading your story and now I have already earned $1,470, I expect
that another 3 months can make me enough profit to pay for my car, HDB mortgage and
yet leave me with around $1,000 a week to spare. Quite honestly, I thought this never
could be real, and very Gratefully... I was wrong

I don't know how to thank you enough. Or this very day I could be still hoping to win
Toto. =) Life is great now since I live up to all expectations of my family and loved ones

Soh Lai guan – Seng Kang

ITE Grad whose resume is rejected umpteen times

hi Irene, I am an ITE graduate who found out that with my cert my resumes and got no a single reply. Guess it was due the fact that here( you know where), a degree is needed to have a "ok" income. But I really got to thank you for introducing me the  Book. And what you told us is really true, I earned back the membership fee within 1 night and got more then i expected. Now, to tell you the truth, I earn close to $3,000 a week. I know it is not much compared to many others but I Dare say that it is more than most Degree holders. And for this I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

I even made a "fun" account for my mother which draws about $1,500 a week. hehe. Thanks! I really owe you one.

Johnathon Chua - Ang Mo Kio

Housewife Just like you from Clementi

HeyIrene, I'm Rosie Ng from clementi. Just like you I am a housewife! =)
Let me come straight to the point. I signed up on Monday and made $300 After reading your story, I felt that I could also take a chance like you. on the first night! Everyday my earnings is about $150-$200. Got to thank you for making that special report tweaked for people in Singapore, or else I probably don't know how to apply it here!

And the good news is My husband also signed up and we both now are earning more then We Ever Imagined! Oh ya, This december holidays, we are going to Australia for a Holiday. I will leave my account alone for this time. Can't wait to see how much we earned when we get back.

Rosie Ng - Clementi

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How and When will I be paid?

When you have completed with your first website you will have 1 income stream.

For every stream of income you will get paid by check twice per month. The first week of the month and the third week of the month. Then you can repeat the process and set up additional income streams.

You will be able to view your stats 24 hours a day to see how much money you have earned.

How you get paid


100% Guaranteed

60 FULL Days Money Back Gurantee

We Guarantee that the methods and instructions described in the "Internet Rags To Riches" Will allow anybody to earn $10,000 a month exclusively by using the Internet alone.

Try this system and if you don't see the potential of making $10,000 a
month, you get your 100% complete refund with no questions asked.

                  WHY SUCH A GENEROUS OFFER?

It is our way of showing we know this system will work and we are not afraid to put it through any test or trials. If by any remote chance that a simple fill-in-the-blanks system cannot work for you, you shall get every single cent back plus access to the membership area for free and keep every dollar you have made!

You would never know until you have tried the system, and that is why we are giving you 60 full day to test and to try out for yourself.
Beyond any question or doubt, this system will make you money money
everyday and would never stop earning you money. If it doesn't, you are not out of a single Singapore copper cent!

We can't think of anything more assuring than this.


Yours in Success!
Irene Lim
       Irene Lim
This is my Promise to you as member in Signing Up Today.
I ,
Irene Lim, will be providing you a support on all queries
and problems in regards to this system.

methods are 100% Tuned and geared to provide you with a head start in making your first income using the internet alone.



Internet Rags to Riches
order now

100% satisfaction guarantee

P.S.This system is Simple as possible to start. The contents of the manual is a to-the-point step by step exact formula to help you start making money guarantee!

So put your Trust in Your Judgement and get started immediately, you have got 8 WEEKS to try it out.

Once you see the difference in the money you EARN, nothing will be able to stop you from achieving happiness and peace of mind free from all money worries.

Just the earnings of the first day you start will be more then you expect.
And the best part is you will never stop Earning!

3000 over people have already signed up with us with not a single bad review and hundreds of excellent feedback. And on top of that, I'll personally coach you step by step.

I put my own pic out here and endorse a product which changed my life. This is my pledge that the system works!

It is Up to You Now.


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